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by "Me'shell Ndegeocello"

They say you're the way the light
The light is so blinding
Your followers condemn me your words used to enslave me

Jesus cured the blind man so that he could see the evils of the world
Perchance blindness is but a dark thought overcome by the light
Maybe Judas was the better man and Mary made a virgin just to save face
I too am so ashamed on bended knees
Prayin' to my pretty white Jesus

Brother John Paul convinced himself of his wisdom to judge to forgive to condemn
Mother Mary full of grace I'm so confused by her pale white face
God so loved the world he gave his only son
But many mothers bear children martyrs of greed bitter love
While the so called chosen make war
So many suffer in the name of god their faith at a closed door

Me\'shell Ndegeocello - The Way Lyrics - Download MP3
Me\'shell Ndegeocello - The Way Lyrics.
Rating : 10 out of 10
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