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by "Me'shell Ndegeocello"

He lived two train stops away
I was a train ride away from heaven
We signify about politics, low income housing birth control and abortion
The capitalistic hand around my throat
Shootin'up dope to cope in this dehumanizing society
We both found god when he o.d'd
He found beauty in my black skin
Amidst the cover girls and clairol ads
Makin'no mistake what's white is right
Livin'in a world where the tv shouts
"forget where you come from!"
And damn i thought i was shootin'up africa in my veins
White man voodoo slow my brain the while man fights wars and enslaves
All in god's name
What ya trying to achieve with your sun tan lotion
You wanna keep me down keep me down
Revolution against this racist institution
The white man shall forever sleep with one eye open
Dehumanize me.
Criticize, set aside.
Livin'in the midst of genocide i hear voices voices are what i hear
Uprise would you die for your right

Me\'shell Ndegeocello - Shoot\'n Up And Gett\'n High Lyrics - Download MP3
Me\'shell Ndegeocello - Shoot\'n Up And Gett\'n High Lyrics.
Rating : 10 out of 10
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